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Porcelain plates

Clear contours in Fine Bone China and hard porcelain

From the breakfast plate to the traditional dinner plate to the deep soup plate: the Dibbern collection offers the right porcelain plates for every dish. Our products are made in Germany from fine bone china and hard porcelain to the highest standards of form and quality. While the Fine Bone China collection is available in white and with decors, the Solid Color series offers more than 50 current colors which are constantly being expanded with new shades.

Our plates can be combined within their series. The fine bone china opens up possibilities of interesting form arrangements and the combination of white and pattern. For the Solid Color series, the large color spectrum provides an almost endless variety of possible color combinations. Explore the variety of shapes and colors of our porcelain plates and choose the right stage for your culinary delicacies.

Plates from Fine Bone China

Our porcelain plates made of Fine Bone China are manufactured according to the highest quality standards at the Dibbern porcelain factory in Hohenberg, Bavaria, and impress with their traditional handmade production, their durability and uncompromising quality.

The term bone china comes from England. This particularly delicate soft porcelain consists of kaolin, quartz sand, feldspar and burnt bone ash, which makes the material appear delicate and transparent. Calcium phosphate contained in the bone ash gives our fine bone china collection its extraordinary density and strength in addition to its filigree appearance. Even today, the plates of our Fine Bone China collection are still turned by hand and not pressed as in industrial mass production. More than 100 employees create plates from the high-quality porcelain.

Our Fine Bone China plates are available in 10 shapes with individual design: Asia Line, Classic, Contemporary, Coupe, Fine Dining, Grand Dining, Motion, Pure, Relief and Conical-Cylindrical. All shapes are characterized by clarity and purism and stand out from each other through details in form and structure. The Relief line, for example, features a fine grooved structure, while the Asia line is square-shaped and the Pure collection is designed with maximum minimalism in mind. Our decors are developed by international designers in our design studio.

Obtain an overview of the full range and all available designs in the Fine Bone China catalogue.

Porcelain plates of the Solid Color series with color details

The award-winning Solid Color series in Bauhaus style brings colorful cheerfulness to the table with its bright colors from bright red to lemon. As a colored new edition of a form from the Bauhaus era, it helped Dibbern achieve its international breakthrough in the 1980s. Since then, the colored tableware made of high-quality hard porcelain has been produced in Germany. Its special feature: the varied color spectrum of currently 50 colors opening up a wide range of possible combinations.

The complete range of tableware includes bread plates, dessert plates, dinner plates, soup plates and place settings with colored rim and plain design. Our Solid Color brochure gives you an overview of all available colors and sizes.

The flagship store and carefully selected retail partners

Immerse yourself in the world of Dibbern in our flagship store and selected premium retail partners. Explore the variety of our plates from the fine bone china collection and the Solid Color series of hard porcelain.

Responsibility for people and nature

As careful and demanding as we are in the production of our collections, we also dedicate ourselves to the responsible protection of people and nature. This commitment is reflected in the exclusive production of our porcelain in Germany and our continuous expansion to include sustainable production methods.

Our employees benefit from an attractive working environment, fair wages that go beyond piecework and a committed promotion of young talent. The sparing use of resources is an integral part of the entire production cycle at the Dibbern factory. All the products we use are manufactured in accordance with EU standards, are environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances such as lead or cadmium. The heat from our kilns is used for heating and drying, water is reused with the help of a treatment plant, raw materials and glazes are recycled and porcelain breakage is passed on to industry. For porcelain that not only pleases people but also the environment.

Useful information

Our porcelain collections are dishwasher and microwave proof. Excluded are the products of the Solid Color series in the colors signal red, Bordeaux and plum. After ordering you have 14 days right of return as well as the possibility of free return shipping.