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Hearty snacks, delicious quiches, various cheeses and fresh bread: versatile plates, bowls and platters for hot and cold dishes invite you to brunch.

The combination of fine elegance and robust suitability for everyday use is what makes Fine Bone China so special. It meets the highest demands and withstands the toughest demands.

The high proportion of calcium phosphate contributes to the enormous density and strength of the material and at the same time gives the thin-walled porcelain a high degree of transparency, which makes it appear delicate and filigree.

Timeless tableware shapes

The special value of Fine Bone China is also reflected in the appreciation of leading hoteliers and restaurateurs

A variety of plate and platter sizes offer a wide range of applications

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Traditional craftsmanship
Traditional craftsmanship
The entire Fine Bone China collection is manufactured at the DIBBERN manufactory in Hohenberg/Franconia.

Timeless design. DIBBERN creates long-lasting products and deliberately avoids short-lived trends.


Traditional production. DIBBERN sticks to traditional turning and casting in production in order to achieve high stability and resistance.


First-class quality. At DIBBERN, many work steps such as attaching the handles and applying the decors are done by hand to ensure high quality.


Made in Germany. DIBBERN Fine Bone China is manufactured exclusively in our own factory in southern Germany.

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