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Incident light is gently refracted by MOON and reflects back like flattering moonlight. The Fine Bone China series combines a perfect matt white look and a wonderfully velvety surface in a minimalist design. The balance of aesthetics and feel, lightness and substance ensures a well-balanced design.

Today's Fine Bone China series, which are all created in the DIBBERN Design Studio or by selected international designers, combine modernity and

tradition in the most aesthetic and high-quality way. They combine timeless design, traditional craftsmanship and great suitability for everyday use.

Moon + Cross White

Elegant look and feel

The contrast created by the attractive interplay between the glaze and biscuit porcelain is what gives the Fine Bone China MOON and CROSS-WHITE series their special look and feel. To achieve this special effect, we have developed a highly sophisticated technical manufacturing process in our manufactory.


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Traditional craftsmanship
Traditional craftsmanship
The clarity and consistency of the design of the PURE series fully emphasizes the special nature of the material. PURE can be perfectly combined with items from the Fine Bone China CLASSIC, CYLINDRICAL and ASIA LINE series.

Timeless design. DIBBERN creates long-lasting products and deliberately avoids short-lived trends.


Traditional production. DIBBERN sticks to traditional turning and casting in production in order to achieve high stability and resistance.


First-class quality. At DIBBERN, many work steps such as attaching the handles and applying the décors are done by hand to ensure high quality.


Made in Germany. DIBBERN Fine Bone China is manufactured exclusively in our own factory in southern Germany.

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