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SILHOUETTE is the latest decor collection from Bodo Sperlein for DIBBERN. This decor features a vibrant, eye-catching aesthetic and is available in a warm color palette. The contour that characterizes the decor is reminiscent of the shapes and shadows observed in natural topographies, while the color brings a textural element to the design.
The designer Bodo Sperlein is based in London. The cooperation with DIBBERN has existed for almost 20 years.

Timeless tableware shapes

The designer has given the color surface a subtle color gradient in which the color intensity tapers off towards the edge. The color of the decoration blends seamlessly with the radiant white of the fine bone china.

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The manufactory
We only use environmentally friendly & pollutant-free ingredients for our products, which are manufactured in accordance with applicable EU standards. Our glazes used in the production process are free of lead and cadmium, which means that we fall well below the strict regulations of the California Proposition.
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Catalogue Fine Bone China
Catalogue Fine Bone China
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Brilliant color palette due to low firing temperatures


Dishwasher safe due to inglazing


Modern designs that show off the material Fine Bone China to its best advantage