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Antipasti, grilled fish, high-quality oils - Mediterranean cuisine is healthy and invites you to enjoy a convivial meal. Dibbern plates, platters and pasta plates provide the perfect setting.

Tableware is the stage for the appearance of the food - that is the self-image of the design. It is therefore classic, restrained and rather purist.

The various items are versatile and all series can be combined with each other.

Whether Italy, France or Portugal -

summer, sun and a light lifestyle are synonymous with the Mediterranean style

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Discover the Aqua decor on the Coupe shape.

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Timeless design. DIBBERN creates long-lasting products and deliberately avoids
short-lived trends.


Traditional production. DIBBERN sticks to traditional turning and casting in production in order to achieve high stability and resistance.


First-class quality. At DIBBERN, many work steps such as attaching the handles and applying the decors are done by hand to ensure high quality.


Made in Germany. DIBBERN Fine Bone China is manufactured exclusively in our own factory in southern Germany.

Fine Bone China
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Fine Bone China
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