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Why does LUMEN flash when I place it on the charging cradle?

Flashing indicates the charging process.

Why doesn't LUMEN flash when I place it on the charging cradle?

When the battery is so empty that there is no power available to light up. The light charges in this state, but does not indicate this by lighting up in order to protect the empty battery.

Why does my light flash when it is on the charging cradle?

This can occur with old charging cradles, LUMEN is then fully charged.

Which charger can I use for LUMEN?

You need a QI-capable charging cradle.

How do I clean LUMEN?

Please only wipe the luminaire with a damp cloth.

Do I have to move LUMEN at a certain speed?

No, the speed has no influence on dimming or switching off.

How can I change the light color?

Place LUMEN briefly on the charging cradle and then hold LUMEN horizontally. After approx. 10 seconds, the two different light colors run through. Set the light down in the desired light color.

How can I set the light to sleep mode if it is inactive for a long time?

Remove LUMEN from the charging cradle and hold it upside down. LUMEN lights up once and then again after another 10 seconds. LUMEN is now in sleep mode. To activate LUMEN, place it back on the charging cradle.

Can I also use LUMEN outdoors?

LUMEN is designed for indoor use.

Can LUMEN also be delivered abroad?
LUMEN can only be delivered within Germany.
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