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After water and coffee, tea is the most popular drink in the world. Prepared from one of the oldest cultivated plants, tea is far more than just a thirst quencher with a stimulating effect. It is a cultural asset that can be prepared in countless different ways. And because care and time are essential for the success of a good tea, tea preparation is a ritual in many countries. The Japanese tea ceremony is like a meditative exercise, in Great Britain tea culture is an integral part of social life, in East Frisia the ‘Teetied’ (tea time) structures every day. It is always about pausing to savour special moments.

Good tea or coffee needs the right container. It needs space to develop its full flavor. The round, flat and open shape of our teacups from Fine Bone China is ideal for bringing out the diverse aroma profiles of exceptional teas. This makes teatime a pleasure for all the senses.

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