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Today's Fine Bone China series, which are all created in the DIBBERN Design Studio or by selected international designers, combine modernity and tradition in the most aesthetic and high-quality way. They combine timeless design, traditional craftsmanship and great suitability for everyday use.

The sushi set made of DIBBERN Fine Bone China and fine wood is the perfect setting to turn sushi into an event at home. The clear lines, the delicate appearance and the special fineness of the porcelain correspond to the philosophy of an extraordinary meal that takes you to another world with its color, shape and aromas. The sushi set is also perfect as a beautiful, inspiring gift - for anyone who enjoys experiencing culinary diversity at their own dining table.

Wooden tray: food-safe, not dishwasher-safe.
Timeless tableware shapes
State guests in the Federal Chancellery, passengers in Lufthansa First Class or guests of Bulgari Hotels + Resorts - they all dine from DIBBERN Fine Bone China.

Dishes specially staged

Reduced shapes such as the COUPE, PURE or CONCAV series provide the perfect setting for the dishes

Our products are designed in such a way that they can be combined modularly and used for a particularly long time thanks to their extremely high stability. We therefore consistently avoid short-lived trend products and follow the principle of sustainable consumption.

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Catalog Fine Bone China


Timeless design. DIBBERN creates long-lasting products and deliberately avoids short-lived trends.


Traditional production. DIBBERN sticks to traditional turning and casting in production in order to achieve high stability and resistance.


First-class quality. At DIBBERN, many work steps such as attaching the handles and applying the Dekore are done by hand to ensure high quality.


Made in Germany. DIBBERN Fine Bone China is manufactured exclusively in our own factory in southern Germany.